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C. Affinito, Marketing Manager

Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platforms

"Valerie was more than a mentor; she was a guiding light for me. I had so many "Aha!" moments with her. She guides with questions, so you find the answers vs telling you what to do - which is what the best coaches do! She helped to advise me on positioning myself to leadership, how to lead without authority, and most importantly navigating a healthy work/life balance. I recommend Valerie for anyone looking to take their career to the next level, she's done wonders for me!"

C. Gamble, Manager

Kaiser Permanente

"Valerie gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and a mentor! In the beginning, I had no clue what I needed from a coach, but I knew I needed one. Valerie helped me identify skills that I wanted to enhance, challenges I was facing at the time, and a roadmap to resolve them while feeling as though I was in a safe space. Valerie’s style was direct and honest but sensitive to my needs, which I truly appreciated. Not only was she patient, she listened effectively, and was committed. Through Valerie’s experience and training, she helped me develop more effective leadership and team-building skills, as well as rebuild my self-confidence pertaining to my career. My experience was simply amazing! I highly recommend Valerie’s services."

C. Njogu-Michael, CEO

VPF Strategies

"C. Njogu-Michael
Valerie coaches from the heart, mind, and a wide range of skills that equip her to be the ultimate Leadership Coach in your corner. She leads with an empath, asks the hard questions, and nudges you further so you can flow in your creative genius that's already within you. Most of all, she holds you accountable to ensure real results is what she delivers and more. Thank you, Valarie for inspiring me to new unknowns where I realize unimaginable results."

J. Williams, Head of Marketing and Planning


"Valerie is an excellent mentor and coach who quickly understands the complete picture, helps to analyze and explore a wide variety of scenarios. She is an expert at discussing opportunities to get to the right path to help to solve difficult business obstacles. She is an amazing partner and coach, that always leaves me inspired after sessions. She is a great help to me, and provides clear advice, with focused and structured options. I am always learning from her. She is an advocate for women and career growth. She is a valued advisor. I am grateful to have her support as I master my journey."

J. Gibbons, PhD., Senior Vice President of Human Pharmacology, Nonclinical ADME, & Quantitative Sciences

Nektar Therapeutics

"I had a very positive experience engaging Valerie as a group coach for my leadership team. Her personal warmth and extraordinary EQ enabled her to develop deep connections with each person on the team. Valerie’s top-down leadership coaching approach helped each individual identify obstacles that had been interfering with their leadership growth. She worked closely with them to develop a personalized plan of action to address their leadership challenges and to apply new leadership concepts and tools in a safe non-judgmental space. This approach of coaching was highly effective at reinforcing positive learning through application to actual work issues and situations. Valerie’s impact on my leaders is having a measurable, positive impact on team dynamics and productivity."

B. Berry, JD, Ph. D, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

JFK University

"I appreciate having Valerie as a thought partner and I have come to know her as a knowledgeable, results-oriented and respected leader. Valerie consistently demonstrates insightful leadership with exceptional skill in developing teams and facilitating collaboration across units. She promotes openness and change by skillfully managing conflict and discussing difficult issues while maintaining positive connections between people."

P. Sugathan, Project Coordinator

Kaiser Permanente

"Valerie's impartiality, ability to listen to people, and the skills to formulate a synopsis of the situation at hand is amazing. I am so impressed with her ability to hear the words and strategically think through the information to provide possible solutions and advice. Valerie is an excellent coach and mentor, and I am grateful for her patience and wisdom."

C. Gamble, Senior Manager

Kaiser Permanente

"Valerie gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor! In the beginning I had no idea what I needed from a coach but I knew I needed one. Valerie helped me identify skills that I wanted to enhance, challenges I was facing at the time and the roadmap to resolve them while feeling as though I was in a safe place."

V. Gordon, Registered Nurse

Contra Costa Health Plan

"Valerie is an exceptional business coach and mentor. Recently, I was promoted to a management position, which lead to some challenges with my co-workers. Valerie's guidance and recommendations not only solved the problems with my co-workers, but also helped me to improve my communication style, productivity and influence a positive team morale. As a result of my leadership development efforts I received kudos from my manager on how I handled the situation."

P. Poblete, Owner/Principal

Pillanos Business Services

"Valerie's natural mentoring abilities takes hold when you have that conversation about career growth. She gives sincere thought and care into her recommendations and understands through her knowledge and experience what is most beneficial for you. She is an inspiring, trusted, professional that has helped me understand my worth. She has enabled me to boost myself off my think pad and onto my launch pad to start my business venture."

E. Porter, Senior Manager

Kaiser Permanente

"I've had an opportunity to use the professional expertise & career coaching services by Valerie Lewis. I was stuck in a department that seemed to drain my greater than 15 years of focused healthcare knowledge & experience. She was eager to advise and provide the necessary tools to reinvent myself. I am amazed that after each session I learned the avenues to arrest my introverted personality & transform current attributes into a strength and confidence that I didn't know existed.

For any professional that is seeking executive presence and desire to accelerate your career, contact Valerie Lewis. You will be pleased to learn life altering techniques that will transform your current role into a viable future of choice. I'm delighted to work with Valerie and anticipate using her services in the near future."

Brian Wyrick, Manager

IT Technician at My PC Partners

Valerie has been an excellent resource and coach for me as I have found myself in a managerial position for the first time. I have worked with Valerie on and off for one year with the goal of developing my leadership skills and helping me think as a leader on a daily basis. We assessed my current skillsets and goals and she worked with me to not just create an action plan to improve but to teach me how to take these steps myself for when we are no longer meeting regularly. This "teach a man to fish as opposed to giving a man a fish mindset I feel is quite valuable and I feel it has set me on a good path moving forward in my new position.

Valerie was always clear, calm, and communicative. I could tell she draws on a large pool of experience in this area as she picked up on many nuances I did not express or realize myself. She was always well prepared and ready for our meetings - holding me accountable for the goals I set for myself. I would absolutely recommend Valerie to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills - new manager or a seasoned veteran - I believe Valerie could bring value to anyone seeking to improve in this area.

Tara Schoennauer, Tax Manger

Johnston, Gremaux & Rossi, LLP

It was wonderful to partner with VBL Consulting on our organization’s professional development events. The best parts about working with Valerie include:

  • Environment - Valerie creates an atmosphere that is professional and confidential so our discussions can be both honest and valuable.
  • Accommodation – She can easily adjust her presentations to tailor to our industry-specific issues.
  • Knowledge – Valerie provides insightful responses to all of our members’ various questions

Rick Fuller, Owner Broker

Rick Fuller Realtors, Inc

Valerie was a great asset and value to our organization. Valerie provided Leadership Coaching to our Executive Staff & Coaches. Valerie's coaching was practical and very helpful to empower our Leaders to lead and develop others. We appreciated the 360 surveys where our Leaders received powerful feedback from those they lead and from their Supervisor. The workflow plan was very helpful to strategically position our Leadership Team to ensure first things are first and our efforts are in alignment with our goals. I would recommend Valerie to any Leadership Team looking to raise the bar on the organization! Thanks, Valerie!