Team Building


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About Team Building

Problems within teams ultimately result in problems for the business or organization. Uncoordinated teams waste time and resources, miss deadlines, and lack unity from unclear roles and responsibilities which results in dissatisfied customers and revenue losses.

Integrated team building promotes a top-down culture of diversity and inclusion. Team members feel respected and supported to take risk, be creative, and express their opinions.

Team Building Process

Team Building is the last step of my integrated coaching program. I customize team workshops, to reinforce focus areas that were discussed during the executive coaching and leadership development phases of the program.

Team members participate in workshops and activities that are designed to address specific organization or business issues. The process creates a culture that allows all participants better insight and understanding of team members' roles, responsibilities, strengths, and expertise.

Members improve interpersonal relationships and learn how to leverage the power of the team to build trust and interdependency to be successful.