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Leadership Development

About Leadership Development

My leadership development program is designed to help new or inexperienced leaders to manage work and people more effectively. Coaching services focus on leadership skills to increase performance with goal setting, critical thinking, delegation, conflict resolution, meeting management, and performance feedback.

Managers set the tone for the organization or business. Inexperienced managers have a direct effect on bottom-line production, employee morale, retention, and ultimately customer satisfaction. Leadership Development coaching services offer new or inexperienced managers, leaders returning to the workforce, inexperienced or succession planning for business owners planning for succession planning, the opportunity to learn fundamental management skills in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere and the space to apply those skills to specific business situations.

Challenges for new managers:
Individuals with a strong desire to advance their careers often accept management or leadership positions with no clear understanding of basic management functions or how to manage people. Once in the new position, managers find themselves without a plan to make the transition from a high performing individual contributor, question their ability to lead or lack the confidence to manage others.

Leadership Development Goal

My goal is to help my clients to develop management skills that

  • Enables them to lead through others to consistently and successfully meet business objectives
  • Positions them for higher levels of leadership responsibility.

"Valerie was more than a mentor; she was a guiding light for me. I had so many "Aha!" moments with her. She guides with questions, so you find the answers vs telling you what to do - which is what the best coaches do! She helped to advise me on positioning myself to leadership, how to lead without authority, and most importantly navigating a healthy work/life balance. I recommend Valerie for anyone looking to take their career to the next level, she's done wonders for me!"
C. Affinito
Marketing Manager
Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platforms

Valerie gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and a mentor! In the beginning, I had no clue what I needed from a coach, but I knew I needed one. Valerie helped me identify skills that I wanted to enhance, challenges I was facing at the time, and a roadmap to resolve them while feeling as though I was in a safe space. Valerie’s style was direct and honest but sensitive to my needs, which I truly appreciated. Not only was she patient, she listened effectively, and was committed. Through Valerie’s experience, and training, she helped me develop more effective leadership and team building skills, as well as rebuild my self-confidence pertaining to my career. My experience was simply amazing! I highly recommend Valerie’s services.
C. Gamble, Manager
Kaiser Permanente