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Leadership Development and Group Coaching

About Group Coaching

Group coaching enables leaders to work together with team members and benefit from shared knowledge, skills and experiences to develop team competencies, break down silo mentality and promote collaborative team alignment.

Group coaching is not team training, it is team building where members make deeper connections by working together to accomplish business goals and objectives.

As organizations and businesses move to more virtual operations leaders that know how to engage, develop and motivate teams, experience higher morale, better retention and increased productivity.

Who is it best for?

Second-line directors, new directors, and business owners wanting to:

  • Inspire confidence that all team members are highly skilled and can be counted on for excellent results
  • Integrate new participants to into an existing team without disruptions
  • Harness the power of many to create a strong team culture.

Why leaders or executives need group coaching? What problems or challenges does it address?

A collection of high performing individual contributors does not automatically make for a high functioning team. Executives and business owners need to learn skills to guide team members to collaboratively create value for customers, cross-functional stakeholders and other employees.

Why VBL Consulting

Group coaching is an extension of one to one coaching to help my clients to continue on the leadership development journey and lead by developing effective, high performing teams.

"I had a very positive experience engaging Valerie as a group coach for my leadership team. Her personal warmth and extraordinary EQ enabled her to develop deep connections with each person on the team. Valerie’s top-down leadership coaching approach helped each individual identify obstacles that had been interfering with their leadership growth. She worked closely with them to develop a personalized plan of action to address their leadership challenges and to apply new leadership concepts and tools in a safe non-judgmental space. This approach of coaching was highly effective at reinforcing positive learning through application to actual work issues and situations. Valerie’s impact on my leaders is having a measurable, positive impact on team dynamics and productivity."
J. Gibbons, PhD
Senior Vice President of Human Pharmacology, Nonclinical ADME, & Quantitative Sciences