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About Executive Coaching

Best suited for CEOs, Executives, Senior VPs, VPs, and Executive Directors, executive coaching is focused one to one coaching for executives and senior leaders that are looking for solutions to successfully navigate the challenges of people management.

Why Executive Coaching is important

It’s lonely at the top. Executives need an objective, unbiased thought partner to point out blind spots and offer new perspectives to work through issues. I work together with my clients to develop a partnership to meet your specific needs so that you can achieve your goals.

One size does not fit all.
One leadership style does not fit all situations and does not work with all people. Different situations require different communication styles. As a leadership coach, I help my clients to learn to adjust their styles or communication to produce positive outcomes.

Executive Coaching Process

My clients develop the confidence to accept other perspectives about their leadership style and commitment to develop a leadership toolbox of skills to lead effectively and have a positive impact on their staff.

Why VBL Consulting for Executive Coaching?
There is no right or wrong leadership style. Every leader has a unique voice and approach to people and projects.

I give all my clients a leadership style assessment to identify which leadership style(s) they prefer/use and coach them on how to use other styles to be more effective when dealing with different situations.

My most successful clients know their preferred leadership style, understand what motivates their employees and teams, and allow themselves to be vulnerable and try new ways of communicating, in order to grow and be more effective managing their teams.

Valerie coaches from the heart, mind and a wide range of skills that equips her to be the ultimate Leadership Coach in your corner. She leads with empath, asks the hard questions and nudges you further so you can flow in your creative genius that's already within you. Most of all, she holds you accountable to ensure real results is what she delivers and more. Thank you Valarie for inspiring me to new unknowns where I realize unimaginable results.
C. Njogu-Michael
CEO, VPF Strategies

"I've had an opportunity to use the professional expertise & career coaching services by Valerie Lewis. I was stuck in a department that seemed to drain my greater than 15 years of focused healthcare knowledge & experience. She was eager to advise and provide the necessary tools to reinvent myself. I am amazed that after each session I learned the avenues to arrest my introverted personality & transform current attributes into a strength and confidence that I didn't know existed.

For any professional that is seeking the executive presence and desire to accelerate your career, contact Valerie Lewis. You will be pleased to learn life-altering techniques that will transform your current role into a viable future of choice. I'm delighted to work with Valerie and anticipate using her services in the near future."
E. Porter, Senior Manager
Kaiser Permanente