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Leadership Programs

Coaching is not advice, therapy, or counseling. It is a relationship where accountability for making progress lies with my client, and the responsibility to provide insightful and challenging coaching to move into action lies with me as the coach.

Most of my clients are aware of challenges that hold them back from being outstanding leaders and business owners but lack the knowledge, resources, time, and tools to effectively come up with a game plan.

My job as a leadership coach is to help my client come up with strategies to respond and resolve leadership challenges and lead individuals and teams to be more effective.


Executive Coaching

1 to 1 session to improve interpersonal engagement and performance by the leader to establish a business vision and strategy and motivate individuals and teams to have a successful impact on the organization’s success.


Group Coaching

An extension of 1 to 1 coaching where the leader along with core leadership team members develops strategies that promote effective communication, strengthen team performance and productivity. Leadership team members improve operational processes and promote team thinking by breaking down the silo mentality.


Leadership Development

New managers develop fundamental leadership skills to help individuals and teams to implement business plans and strategies.


Team Building

Team building sessions with employees under the client’s line of business help team members to create a culture that promotes trust, diversity and inclusion, commitment and interdependency on other members to be successful.Team members are viewed as confident and highly skilled , delivering timely, high quality results.


Leadership Speaking

Speaking allows me to share my experience, knowledge, and expertise as a leader and business owner to support, motivate and inspire other leaders and business owners to feel empowered to take their professional development to the next level.